A raucous argument rings around the kitchen– something stupid, pointless, I don’t remember what. Getting very annoyed, I pull open the office door and scream at the people “Enough!”

The dog looks at me with those pleading eyes, leash hanging from his mouth. I don’t have time for a walk, not today. I slap his rear and push him out, saying firmly “Enough!”

Gave stuff away today. Went for a walk in the autumn woods, sat down under some golden maples. I took a deep breath and said, quietly, “Enough.”


10 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order:

  1. Truth. Everlasting, eternal truth is the greatest source of joy in my life.
  2. Hugs from my wife. I will sometimes get up from what I’m doing in front of the computer, go into the living room, and “hug attack” my wife.
  3. Getting something to work. Several years ago, this would mean putting a computer together. Over the past year or so, I’ve enjoyed making car repairs.
  4. Fellowship with friends. Whether it’s our Monday night small group, having a one-on-one session with my pastor, or talking about our future with my wife, I enjoy these moments of connection.
  5. Driving in the snow. My 2002 Saturn SL is a bit fun in the snow. 🙂 I enjoy the feeling of the rear wheels sliding around. I haven’t had this much fun driving in the snow since driving my dad’s 4WD F150 at home.
  6. Taking a walk with my wife. Often combined with #4.
  7. Learning. I love to read. I grew up with National Geographics around the house, and I remember being taken to many other lands and times through them. A few years ago, a local library was throwing out some old Reader’s Digests and Arizona Highways. I gave the AH away, but I kept RD for myself and occasionally pull them out and get a feeling for a different time in the history of the USA.
  8. Music. Some of my fondest memories are of going to jams with other musicians. I miss the ability to sit down with other people and just make music for a few hours. Church has a good choir to sing in, and that really goes a long way to scratch my musician itch. Tight harmonies, combined with just-right dynamics, can raise goosebumps like nothing else: http://www.wimp.com/gospelchoir/
  9. Quiet. On my first break from college, I went home, sat in the basement, and just enjoyed the pure silence. (And it is very quiet down there– I can hear the air moving inside my ears.) It was a wonderful de-stressor after living in a dorm barely quiet between 2-7 AM.
  10. Vocation. There is no substitute for a work with a purpose that extends beyond self.

That’s my list of 10. What’s yours?

Thank You

Sometimes I’m just completely knocked over by the compassion of others. Sometimes, people step up and make sacrifices in their own lives so that this poor, confused soul can have a bit of peace.

People from our church and small group have visited and sent food to my wife and I during her recent illness. I have been just bowled over by your compassion. I tend to hold to the (incorrect) attitude of having to take care of my own, and the unexpected, open graciousness of the Church has been humbling.

It’s funny, because in private, I will rant and rave about the idiocy of rugged individualism, but then certain moments come along and I realize it’s not expunged from my own life. And my soul becomes uncharacteristically quiet.

To all those who have visited, and have sent and offered food, thank you.