The Dilemma of Jesus

A phrase from a sermon 3 Sundays ago rings in my head. Pastor Harrison said “You can maybe be neutral about Jesus from a distance, where you can’t see him clearly, but as you get closer, that quickly becomes impossible.” (Sermon text here.)

It’s like the “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord” trilemma of C. S. Lewis, but, if I may stroke any egos, slightly more brilliant: instead of a trilemma, a dilemma. Jesus is either true or false.

I try to make myself as objective as possible. I think of potential opposing arguments, I do my very best to get into the other side’s head, and I try very hard to not let bias muddle my thinking. I have many good reasons for taking this approach, such as a love of learning and a love of gaining truth. But I cannot take this attitude to the person of Jesus. There is no way to fellowship with God, no redemption of sin, no reconciliation, except through Jesus.

This fact brings with it the conclusion which Pastor Harrison stated earlier: “we’re either all in with Jesus or we’re all out, and he drives us to make that choice.” I strive to be all in. Sometimes, my desire for objectivity gets in the way of truth. Sometimes, I make the mistake of thinking I can be more objective than God.

I think this will become an area I will have to work on over this year. As we go through 1 Peter in a series on revival, I believe I will often face the challenge to “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely” and “run the race” (Romans 12:1), as I learn to be on the side of Truth.