On profanity

I’ve noticed swearing has become quite the trend among many Christians.
Most bothersome are usage of “damn” and “hell”. Out of all foul language, this should pierce the heart of the mindful Christian the most. All other language is culturally offensive. These terms are blasphemy.
If you want to say “The way he treated me was really shitty”, that’s on you. I don’t like it, I don’t talk that way, but I’ll give you some leeway on letting you express yourself. However, if I look deep into this term, I find it is first and foremost culturally offensive; it is from the cultural offense the moral offense is found.
I’m really not sure how to convey the weight and seriousness of these terms, without launching into a “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” type sermon. Please, though, let me try. Damnation unto hell (lake of fire, actually, but that’s for another time) is the final, absolute judgement of a most holy God. It is separation from everything good, everything worthwhile, everything holy. It is the culmination of every evil desire of man. It is like intensely desiring to find somebody, calling into a pitch black darkness, and they never come.
Hell is really a very serious thing. It is what it is; I can do nothing about it. Please, think about what I’ve said here and consider your words and works carefully.

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