Abandon the “isms” of politics. Be responsible.

I find I don’t agree with any political party any more. I think I’m hardly alone.

Democrats have a little better idea of the problems in poverty, something that’s hitting me hard at the moment. But I’m also very pro-life, which brings me closer to the Republican party.

I used to think of myself as a libertarian, or at least mostly libertarian. But lately I’ve found I don’t fit that either– it’s just a little too close to anarchist ideals for my comfort.

I’ve come to realize my political ideas are actually the same as so many people: Just be responsible. Be a mature adult, understand what social responsibility means, don’t trample on other people, do to others what you’d want them to do to you.

I mean, how hard can it be? (Cue Top Gear theme song.)


What Should Be the Final Argument About a Living Wage

And it is: People need a living wage because people need to live.

Seriously, as I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve come to realize the fundamental arguments for a living wage are pro-life arguments.

I find it amazing that the two US political parties seem to flip-flop on this issue. The one that was pro-life isn’t, and the one that wasn’t pro-life now is. Just another reason I argue for taking a different route.

Any road, the way I see it, the question of wages shouldn’t be one where the government has to step in. Are you an employer? Is your employee still dependent on his parents? If so, pay him any wage you’ve agreed on. If not, s/he needs a living wage. It’s that simple.